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CD 21
The model CD21 is the first model of a new line "Compact" which is smaller in size its main feature. As for the model MD HD we uilizzato aluminum and plexiglass obtaining clean style and sophistication of friontale without losing versatility.

  It has slots by 5 "1 / 4 front. The first is intended to accommodate a DVD player/  burner or BLUE-RAY will integrate seamlessly in front thanks all'elegante panel in aluminium.

The second slot interior is masked behind the plexiglass panel black and makes it possible to mount with ease a display or IR receiver without affecting the aesthetics of the front and creating a visual effect very pleasant and discreet. Thanks to this solution in total darkness while you're watching a film the brightness of LEDs will not be annoying.

A product with an elegant design and a modern aesthetics inspired by the new trends dictated by the products for high definition. A case in which compact made unless some limitation will mount the components for PC more widespread.
Main features
Silver with black plexiglass
MB  Micro-ATX
1 DVD+ 1 LCD+ 1 HDD
10 mm Alluminium
Ventola da 80 mm
CD 21
The CD 21 is part of a new generation of containers for PC (HTPC and Media Center) built just like products Hi-Fi quality, with profusion of materials and finishes external and internal high level.

The body and the lid are solid metal painted black, the front is a plate of aluminum a 1 cm thick, fresata, brushed manually and then oxidized.

It 'a very compact in size, but which ensures compatibility with most components for PC last generation. In particular allows you to create a Media Center or HTPC with an excellent price - quality.

Made by fans for fans was designed to facilitate the installation of internal components so as to maximize both the use of space but also the silent cooling of the same.

Everything offered at a reasonable price compared to the quality and quantity of materials used.
2 USB 2.0
Predisposed for:
Production features:
MB Micro -ATX
The aerated cover ease the expulsion of heated water from HDD, CPU and video card. This allows you to minimise the use of fans and having them operate at lower speeds.
Assembly procedure.
Mounting procedure of a VFD/ LCD display
VFD/LCD display it's not included.
Front view
Rear view
Aerated cover
You can mount feeders Full-atx and Players / DVD and Blue-Ray.

We recommend the use of angle sata connectors.
The case is designed only for Micro-ATX motherboard. (245mm x 245mm).

The internal useful depth is 350 mm. The height is useful internal 126mm.
Despite the reduced height, you can mount the most graphics cards and PCI-most modern in particular those designed for HTPC also fanless.
Pay attention with video cards higher than one in the picture or with power supply connector on the upper side.
( work in progress )
To ensure a flow of fresh air inside the case is possible to mount a fan side by 80mm.

This will facilitate the cooling of components and to expel hot air from holes provided in the cover.
modu CD 21
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The front panel of CD 21model has an Esoteric aspect. Despite the affordable price seems an Hi-End product.
This can be appreciated when you have to put togheter a computer and an high level HI-FI chain as in the photo above.